Wall Flange
Wall Flanges of all sizes between 4inches to 12inches Used to connect any ducting to any wall!

This useful piece ventilation equipment is used to connect ventilation ducting to outlet or inlet vents on a wall or other surface.

In essence, a spigot is a cylinder of metal with a flange attached to it to enable secure fixing to a surface.

The flange is secured to the wall and the ducting is connected to the cylinder

Using a spigot to connect ventilation ducting to the exit or intake vent for your system is an effective method of making a secure and reliable connection.

The flange of the spigot can screwed or glued – or both – over the ventilation hole. Many customers use sealant around the flange once it is fitted to ensure an airtight connection.

The ventilation ducting can then be attached to the spigot using a ducting clip or duct tape.

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