Tropic Bat Mix (60/40) 50L
A perfect blend of peat and coco at a 60/40 ratio fertilised with bat guano in a 50L package. Intensify the taste and yield of your crop with Tropic Batmix. The pH of the substrate has been treated with lime to achieve a pH of 6.5.

• 60% fine grade Irish peat (holds a lot of water) • 40% high quality coco (light & airy for rapid rooting) • Fertilised with Guanokalong Bat Guano (bat manure) • Packed with phosphorus • Ramps up rooting • Enhances flower formation • Highly refined with stable pH (peat is pH 6 + contains magnesium limestone) • Helps prevent deficiencies & improve nutrient uptake (contains Ca & Mg) • No perlite (easy to dispose of) or woody bits (avoid fungus gnats) • Cuttings can be transplanted straight into the media • For first 2 weeks feed just add water

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