Snoops Grow 1L A&B Coco
FOR HARD WATER SNOOP’S PREMIUM GROW has been specifically formulated to provide your plants with the ideal proportion of nutrients for the growth phase increasing your crop’s ability to grow strong and lush. Providing your plants with proper nutrition assists them in reaching their full potential. Now your crops can achieve PREMIUM Growth.

Fill the feed tank with water. Shake bottle well before use. Add 12ml of Grow A per gallon of water (3ml per litre) and mix well. Then add 12ml of Grow B per gallon of water (3ml per litre) and mix well. This will give an approximate EC of 1.7 (1190ppm). Adjust pH as required. – You must always use an equal amount of Grow A and Grow B. – Water temperature affects EC/ppm. – To avoid false readings set water temperature to 68°F. – Store out of direct light.

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