LAVA V500 P Vacuum Sealer
The V500 Premium vacuum sealer is designed for the larger restaurant or commercial kitchen who need to pack sealer bags up to 70cms wide. It has a stainless steel case and is designed to stand up to hard daily use. The V500 Premium vacuum packer includes a Triple sealing bar, the ''3 x Lava Turbo Pumps'' which removes 110 litres of air per minute to a pressure of -0.97 bar, plus the unique ''Lava Close System'' (Magnetic Lid) to help you work faster.

Number of pumps: 3 pumps auto lubricated Suction Power: 110 ltr/min Max Vacuum Power: -0.97 bar Pressure Guage: Dial Guage Sealing Capacity: Upto 1000 seals without overheating Sealing Band width: 720 mm Sealing type: Triple Sealing method: Automatic and Manual Fluid extraction facility: Yes Construction: Aluminium and Steel Colour: Stainless Steel/Grey Voltage: 230 V Max power: 800 W Dimensions: 827 x 280 x 115 mm Weight: 20.50 kg

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