House and Garden Top Shooter 1L
House & Garden Top Shooter is a liquid version of Shooting Powder. Top Shooter is a ulta potent PK flowering booster and is able to increase yields up to 20%! This amazing bud expander is the absolute best in the field of flowering stimulators (but contains NO PGRs). It gives visible results and works brilliantly with all base nutrients. The liquid form provides an easy and precise application for all small and large growers.


Dilution rate of Top Shooter is 1-2ml/L – We recommend reducing the strength of your base nutrients when using Top Shooter or Shooting Powder.


Use Top Shooter at the end of the flowering period, for the final three weeks of flowering. 

  1. Start with 1ml/L in the last three weeks before harvest. 

  2. The increase to 2ml/L in the last two weeks before harvest (if the plant is healthy and has responded well!)

  3. Finish with 2ml/L in the last week before harvest. 

Only use Top Shooter when your plants are sufficiently healthy, it is a very strong agent that requires a lot from your plant. Always adjust the EC value of your base nutrient accordingly. Do not use Top Shooter in combination with any other PK booster. Always start at half strength (1ml/L) and see how your plants respond. 

Do not exceed maximum EC level for the type of plants you are growing. Monitor EC and your plant’s health closely when using Top Shooter.

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