Gavita Master Controller EL1

Lighting control at your finger tips! The industry standard controller for e-series fixtures. The Master Controller EL1 is our entry level system for controlling e-series fixtures centrally. It is a single port controller for a single room. Now you can switch, dim and boost all your fixtures from a central point, while safeguarding your crop with the advanced temperature safety features. Installation is plug-and-play using the cables and splitters that are included with the controller and the e-series fixtures. There is a wide range of original Gavita accessories available, ranging from a booster to expand the number of fixtures with 200 fixtures each, to cables, splitters and long lead temperature sensors.

The Master Controllers are extremely easy to set-up. The two-line green OLED display is sharp and easy to read, even in a high light intensity environment, and all menu items are in plain text. The 4-button control of the menu system is intuitive. A special fifth button is added to directly set the output of your fixtures. Red and blue LEDs show you the output status of your controller ports, and give you a quick view of any error indications. The wiring system is plug-and-play, with all the cables you need already included with each e-series fixture.

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