Clarke Pump 1100w
This pump is designed for pumping clean water or water containing solids in suspension and is ideally suited for draining ponds, pools, sumps etc. It is not designed for pumping slurry, sludge, mud or heavily polluted water, or any water containing chemicals or other acidic contaminants including salt water. Pumps fitted with float switches are suitable for permanent or semi-permanent installations where it is necessary to maintain water at a particular level.

As the water level rises, the float switch will rise and start the pump. As the water level falls, so will the float switch until it stops the pump. Float switches are factory set to provide the correct on/off switching mode, however, you can adjust the level at which the pump cuts out by sliding the float switch cable in its clip attached to the handle, to either shorten or lengthen as required. The shorter the cable, the earlier it will cut out and therefore, the deeper the water will remain at this point.

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