BioGreen X Rooting
X-Rooting is ideal for rapid absorption by plant cells. This nutrient retains the balance of plant metabolism and increases the absorption of mineral nutrients by improving the flow of plant juices. plant cells absorb X-Rooting very quickly (through the biochemical system of X-Rooting, the oligopeptides), without consuming energy and therefore independently of photosynthesis. X-Rooting increases the yield, size and color of flowers / fruits and activates the ripening process. X-Rooting is especially suitable for the treatment of plants that have been subjected to adverse conditions such as transport, replanting, frost, wind, stone, pruning and treatments against weeds or insects < / strong>
  • stimulates root formation in an explosive way.
  • stimulates the formation of absorbent hairs.
  • increases resistance to disease.
  • increases resistance to stress.
  • Restores corrupted cuttings.
  • stimulates the production of root hormones.
  • contains no heavy metals.
  • Combine excellent active agent functions.
How to use:
From the first day of growth, apply daily for three weeks. Water daily as needed. Be careful with possible overdose. store in a dark place and protected from frost. if the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse with water. Keep out of reach of children.

X-Rooting is a high quality supplement containing all the amino acids and vitamins needed for root growth in any medium.

Contains a suitable blend of synthetic and organic amino acids and vitamins.

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