BioGreen X Bloom

X-bloom is a high quality supplement containing all the amino acids and vitamins necessary for explosive flowering in any medium.

Contains a suitable blend of amino acids and organic vitamins.

Plant control X Bloom is an important stimulator with a positive influence on ATP production (ATP is the substance through which all plants store energy). X Bloom stimulates, for example, the production of chlorophyll, the formation of flowers, root growth and the production of ATP. As the amount of chlorophyll increases, the production of ATP also increases, which brings more energy to the plant. Another important feature of X Bloom is that the cell wall is strengthened, making the plant more resistant.

X Bloom can be used in addition to other types of fertilizers. X Bloom contains all the vitamins and minerals the plant needs; Therefore, it is a universal stimulator suitable for all types of plants since no basic nutrients have been added. it can be easily distributed along with the standard fertilizer and does not increase the EC value. use X Bloom weekly at the beginning of flower creation. The dose depends on the size of the plants as well as the intensity of light.

  • stimulates flowering in an explosive way.
  • stimulates the formation of ATp.
  • increases resistance to disease.
  • increases resistance to stress.
  • Restore damaged plants.
  • stimulates the production of flowering hormones.
  • does not contain heavy metals.
  • stimulates chlorophyll production on a large scale.
  • increases energy production; The plant will need more Co2.
  • stimulates the creation of flowers as well as the development of flowering.
  • stimulates the absorption of bivalent ions such as calcium (Ca2 +) and iron (Fe2 +).
  • is non-toxic and ecological; does not contain preservatives dangerous to the environment.
  • suitable for all types of growing media such as rock wool, earth, perlite, pu molds, coconut fiber, etc.
  • Can be distributed along with standard fertilizer and does not increase EC value.
  • does not have an expiration date.

How to use:

Apply daily from the 2nd week of flowering. Water daily as needed. Be careful with possible overdose. store in a dark place and protected from frost. if the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse with water. Keep out of reach of children.

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