Biogreen X Blast
BioGreen X-Blast is a high quality plant fertilizer with all the nutrients needed for explosive flowering in any medium.

X Blast stimulates to a great extent the final flowering of the plant. X Blast has a positive effect on the sugar content in and the resistance of the plant and gives a strong incentive to the energy management in the plant. Boron and iron are involved in the transport of energy in the plant and the formation of sugars. Copper is essential for root metabolism and stimulates the production of plant mass. – Contains enough potassium to give the flowering an additional boost. – It contains humates specially selected to give strength and resistance of the plant in its deficiencies. – Contains natural algae minerals that significantly increase resistance to stress. – Increases the sugar content of the plant. – Free of sodium salts. – It consists only of pure raw materials.


From week 5 or 6, depending on the flower size, until the end of the growth, add to the basic nutrients. Do not use together with extra fertilizers like PK 13-14 or Flower Boost. Avoid overdose, if necessary half the basic nutrients. EC Composition:N- 1 % P- 7 % K-11 % + Fe

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