Bio Green 1 Grow
Bio 1 Grow is a high quality fertilizer with all the macronutrients and micronutrients required for growth and prefloration in any medium. provides nitrogen and Phosphorus which are very important for the growth of the crop during the initial vegetative phase. The scarcity of phosphorus will have a negative effect on root development, strength and yield. The production of nutrient-deficient soil crops, or when the substrate requires fertilizer for the roots, you need Bio 1 Grow.

In a developing crop, nitrogen and phosphorus are very important during the first vegetative stage. The phosphate shortage has a negative effect on root development, resistance and yield of the crop. A crop in a nutrient-deficient soil, or in which the soil (substrate) requires the proper nutrients for the roots needs an earlier use of Bio 1. Biogreen’s Bio 1 Grow Growing Fertilizer ensures all those nutrients needed for the production of strong and healthy plants. Bio 1 is used during the first stage of growth and up to week 2. It should be administered twice during irrigation and then irrigated without nutrition (rinsing). Use the dose indicated in the instructions. Too much fertilization can lead to stagnant growth.

  1. Clearly improve the condition of plant roots.
  2. sufficient potassium for the beginning of flowering and the strength of the plant.
  3. sufficient phosphorus for explosive root growth.
  4. sufficient magnesium for optimum synthesis of chlorophyll and proteins.
  5. Contains only the purest raw materials.
  6. BioGreen Bio 1 is completely biological.
  7. no expiration date.

How to use:

From the 2nd day of growth until the 3rd or 4th flowering week, depending on the size, increase the quantity. In the case of rich soils apply this mixture 1 to 3 times a week; When it comes to poor soils or hydroculture, apply daily. Water every day as needed. Be careful with possible overdose. Store in a dark place and protected from frost. If product comes in contact with eyes, rinse with water. Keep out of reach of children. Bio 1 should be stored in a frost-free environment; The ideal storage temperature is between 15º C and 40º C. This product is neither dangerous nor flammable. The use of gloves and face mask is recommended during handling. Bio 1 is a concentrated fertilizer and some parts can solidify (crystallize) during storage at low temperatures or crystals may appear in the package. Therefore, the bottle or the container should be shaken well before each use. These crystals dissolve easily in warm water.

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