The ingredients your plant needs
Depending on what stage of growth your plant is in, nutrients and feed will vary throughout your crops life cycle. In the early stages the vegetative process most plants need nitrogen to encourage the growth and cell structure of whichever plant you are planning on farming. Without Nitrogen your plant will not develop chlorophyll correctly which is one of the fundamental building blocks to growing a strong and healthy crop. Phosphorus is needed to to produce large and healthy fruit on your plant, this element encourages nutrient up take. These essentially build the structure of the plant as it grows from seed up. Without it you plant will form nutrient deficiencies a lot quicker and eventually be detrimental to your final produce. Plants need Potassium! Your plant needs to to regulate the amount of water and salt it allows into itself. It also helps the production of key energy stores within the cell structure eventually making glucose. without Potassium your plant can appear burn or starved of energy due to an inability to regulate the exchange of CO2, water and oxygen. Calcium is important to a plants structure by literally acting as the walls of the plants cell walls. Without it you will notice curling of your plants leaves and the growth will be heavily stunted. Magnesium is the fuel to keep your plants chloroplasts generating glucose from photosynthesis. A deficiency of magnesium means it is more difficult for energy to be converted from sunlight (or grow lights). All other nutrients which are commonly needed for farming, especially indoor farming are: Manganese, Molybdenum, Iron, ZInc, Silicon, Boron, Copper, Chlorine and Cobalt. These are what we call micronutrients and are often additives used to keep your plant healthy depending on the genetic and heritage of your crop.