Lighting is very important for the plant
Plants need an array of different light spectrums depending not only on the type of plant you grow but also the heritage it comes from. Our customers usually agree with us that using HPS/ CFL lights in conjunction with LED lights leave your plants looking and, under a microscope, becoming the healthiest versions of themselves. HPS lights essentially replicate near enough what is capable for indoor use the closest approach to the power of the sun. Commonly these are cheaper with ranges like Maxibright and Lumii set ups which provide enough energy and light to achieve a high yielding and healthy Crop. Our customer favourites are the Gavita Pro DE range and also the LUXX Lighting Co. range as these are higher end models which really do help indoor farmers gain that edge over the competition. With increased and more specialised light spectrum ranges, these brands are much more finite to achieving big yields of your favourite crops, also improving the taste of the final product. Try out Gavita or Luxx to ensure you get the best out of your genetics. LED lights are specialised spectrums that usually are used to help improve the look of your crop encouraging tones and colours depending on what spectrum you decide to use. Check out our range now or call the shop on 020 8845 6448 for more information from one of our in-house experts!