How to water your plants
Here at B.E.S.I. LTD we believe watering your plants is a lot more than what you would expect. We pride ourselves in giving our customers expert advice in hydrating whatever crop they our growing. Whether you are using products from the Clarke Tooling range or one of our customer favourites, The NJ Newa Pump, water circulation is an easily controlled variable which can be way more efficient when using a pump from a water tank. We advise most crops to be watered every other day, this is due to the humid environment of growing inside can retain the water level in the atmosphere inside your indoor garden/ grow room. If the top layer of soil is dry then saturate this with water/feed and also water the bottom of the pot into the saucer or garland tray to a sufficient level adequate to your crops intake. You want to try and make sure your plant feeds by the time the light turns on but also still ensure there was a sufficient amount of water/feed that the plant is taking in enough to stay hydrated. A good test is to put your finger into the grow medium about half an inch down and feel if there is still moisture. If the medium is dry this far down then you may need to start increasing how much you water your crop. Be careful as you dont water to over water as this can cause stunted growth.